Pre-Order “RETOX: Healthy Solutions for Real Life” by Lauren Imparato With Photos by Mick Rock

With photography by Mick Rock, RETOX is a 360 degree lifestyle book that addresses some of modern life’s biggest challenges by combining yoga, nutrition, and mindset practices into one realistic, doable solution. It pulls from Lauren’s tried and tested I.AM.YOU. methodologies and is applicable to the lives people actually lead. No hour long meditation sessions we do not have time for or steamed kale for lunch we have no interest in eating. Just straight up, real solutions that actually work for the real you in your real world. As she writes in the book, RETOX does not change your world: it makes you better within it. “Rest to Rage. Meditate to Work. Cleanse to Get Dirty.’”

RETOX is available February 2nd from Penguin Random House. Pre-Order here:

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