It’s a retrospective that tributes the weird and the
wonderful and also knocks these stars off their pedestal –
if only momentarily. He who shot them brings all their
quirks to life and there’s certainly an air of inspiration among them all.”
– FBI Radio

  • New small format paperback edition
  • Features the definitive collection of photographs from the acclaimed rock photographer
  • Personal recollections of all the best known musicians spanning Mick Rock’s 40-year career

    Mick Rock, the foremost rock photographer of his generation, reveals in Exposed his definitive collection of images, telling the story in his own words of his early career and the larger-than-life characters with whom he mixed. As well as being a retrospective of his work, it is a cultural journey through a time when rock ruled. It is a compendium of experiences, eyewitness accounts, and intimate detail, all culminating in candid incidental visual insights and time-tested iconic imagery that we all recognise today.

Exposed is a vivid and memorable account of Rock’s adventures behind the camera, a colourful blend of the overt and the intimate, the beautiful and the irreverent – truly exposed.

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