Examiner: “Transformer” offers rare look at rock photographer’s images of Lou Reed

“Transformer” is a new, limited edition collection of photographs, some never-before-seen, that chart the transformations of poet and performer Lou Reed from 1972-1980. The book presents the man behind the cover photographs of “Transformer”, “Sally Can’t Dance”, “Coney Island Baby”, “Rock and Roll Heart”, and “Growing Up in Public”. Photographer Mick Rock captured Lou Reed in the studio; performing onstage; in his hotel room; and with friends including David Bowie, Nico, Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, and Andy Warhol. The book is published by Genesis Publications, a company that, according to The New York Times, “are creators of lushly designed rock photo books.” Founded in England by the late Brian Royce in 1974, Genesis is inspired by William Morris, the 19th century English textile designer, artist and writer, under whose influence the private press in Britain flourished, creating books that were works of art in themselves.

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