Maddona and Mick Rock

Last night at his THE LEGEND SERIES opening at CATM Gallery, Mick Rock told us the story of working with a young singer that you’ve probably come to know by now.

“A friend of mine called Bleeker Bob (of the Greenwich Village record store) used to bring stray characters and musicians to my Madison Avenue studio. This would have been 1980. And one day Madonna appeared…She wasn’t known, she hadn’t even made a record, she told me she was a dancer. I took a few little test pictures and forgot about them for 20 years. She stuck her tongue out in the photo; she already knew about the camera. I didn’t say anything like ‘stick our tongue out, doll.’ That was purely spontaneous on her part. Who would have thought? But then again, I never really thought about anything. I just rolled with it. I was always on a roll…”

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