HUFFINGTON POST Interview With Mick Rock

The recipe for a quality rock ‘n roll photo is typically simple and standard: put a badass rock star in front of the lens and a photographer blessed with an eye for composition behind it. Let a few hours pass, a few photos develop and the whole process culminates with an image fully prepped to grace the cover of Rolling Stone.

Although this is the formula for the majority of the photos of rock stars we see daily, in the case of Mick Rock, the roles of “star” and “photographer” are not so clearly defined. Notoriously donned “the man who shot the 70s,” Mick Rock’s iconic shots of David Bowie, Queen, Iggy Pop and Joan Jett have boosted Mick Rock’s name to household status, spreading the focus of the photo from the artists posing to the artist shooting. (See full article here)